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History of this site:
  • This website is owned, paid for, and operated by a private individual.

  • The graph (right) shows how the number of page views grew over its life.

  • In mid 2013, the managers of Tumut Museum told the site owner to shut down No reason was given.

  • As a result of this directive, the owner removed all content from the site and replaced it with this page.

  • The museum managers went further by demanding that the domain name "" also be destroyed.

  • The site owner has taken the view that the domain name (and the site) belongs to him and as such he will not yield to these new censorship demands made by the managers of Tumut Museum.
Kevin P. Swann, owner & editor.
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  • If you want to discover some of the history of the South West Slopes of NSW (and beyond) go to the owner's new site www.tumuthistory.comThis independent site is not associated with Tumut Museum in any way.